About Us

With a background in financial planning, Sherwood First Point is ideally placed to help you make sense of legal or financial paperwork, either personal or related to your business. More than 25 years’ experience and a long list of business contacts is at your disposal.

If you are having difficulty raising finance for a project that your usual lender is uncomfortable with – for example, equestrian or marine investments – Sherwood First Point can introduce you to specialists in those areas.

Sherwood First Point Services:

    • Help with paperwork
    • Insurance/assurance policies/documents explained
    • Help with Wills
    • Future planning
    • Introducer services
      • Domestic mortgages
      • Buy-to-let mortgages
      • Business development
      • Commercial finance
      • Equestrian finance
      • Marine finance

An initial telephone consultation is free of charge, contact Brian Hughes on 01707 663551.